“We make places of strangeness so we can facilitate a state of enchantment. This enables us to engage with our desires and fears in the safety of the magical unknown.”  1

Currently my work investigates the relationship between art, nature, physical/mental health and belief systems. I work with both natural materials and those traditionally associated with the home, health, folk art, craft, DYI and spirituality or magic. I’m interested in historical perceptions of women’s health, and the culture of women’s home-remedies for physical and psychological conditions.  I also have a particular interest in art’s role within the fields of trauma, somatisation, and crowd madness.

I explore ideas around the image as a placebo, and ‘making strange’ or ‘magical’ as both a porthole for subconscious access and as a platform for citing experiences of the ineffable. I often use natural or found objects which display what I or others consider animistic qualities, potency or strangeness. In an attempt at culturing incidental or serendipitous results, ‘charged’ materials are woven in and out of various replicative devices. By blending mean-times with digital and analogue times, I hope to create an in-between space or non-time where magical outcomes can be conceived and engaged.


A tree stump some believe shows an image of the Virgin Mary has attracted thousands of people to a rural churchyard in County Limerick


In 1999 I completed a BA in Fine Arts between RMIT, Melbourne, and Southern Cross University, Lismore, and in 2002 a Postgrad Dip in Animation and Interactive Media, also @ RMIT.  I am currently on leave from a Masters of Arts.  From 2002 -2013 I was self employed as a web designer/illustrator/artist.





  1. Kristina Andersen’s conference presentation “Making Magic Machines or Practising at the Unknown”, Medea research centre, Sweden, 2012, loose quote from 23min 24sec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uvdTrszuwA