The link farmers smile 2011


In 2011 I was asked to be a part of a group exhibit with about 50 other artists. The show was called  ‘Google me this’.

The work was to be a self portrait based on a google search of your own name.

My name at the time had been harvested by a Russian Link Farm and was listed amongst millions of subjects linking to indecipherable sites. The link farm included everything from Canadian pharmaceuticals, porn and mining sites to homes wares, medical conditions and Christian Blogs and much more. Somehow my name had been swept up in this information whirlpool.

I liked this appropriation of myself, the site had no images only basic text links, but the words included on the page were rich and duplicitous. There were so many text links crammed into the one page that the site just became a blur of everything and nothing, akin to a black hole.

I felt I had been pointlessly gleaned and transformed into an aimless chimera of our collective conscience.

I couldn’t help myself, so many good words, I had to put some of them together…

The Link Farmer’s smile

Diamond sandwich tree.
Bursting with
Tiger, liger, mud volcano

Out of sea electric
pearl floating snakes

Bizplace shaman in cuttle shells
Shackled seaweed Jesus keepsake
How long will I live?

home insurance halogen ghost
cerulean manilla apartheid raptor
how do magnets work?

hand painted
wireless rainbow
colliding over
moon pill quilted mountain

current torrent sweeping
sand through veneer
spelling gold
is there anybody out there?

crocodile crystal child
chain smoking virus
personalised rosary code
link farming empty solaris

sex moon cancer dust
Heaven’s best carpet
earth moves myths shades aside
Quiz me for telekinesis




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