Moments of Being, 2015

In October 2014 I was asked to be in a show curated by Jesslyn Moss for Midsumma. I made a body of work based around the idea of creating small shrines to moments of everyday life.

These tableaus of daily gatherings are scattered with light from half filled bottles, photographed, printed and painted into – repeated, again and again and again. The layers of domestic ephemera are woven through physical and digital platforms, seasonal and binary meantimes and knitted into experiential tapestries.

In a world where the mind is King, these are altars to the Queen, to the senses, emotions, affect and fleeting feelings. They are tender shrines of reception, impression and intuition, celebrations of impermanence and the darkness and lightness of being

Moments of Being brings together six artists working across a diverse range of contemporary practice who consider themes of otherness, health, gender variance, intimacy and longing.

Midsumma, Melbourne’s annual Queer Celebration, is a federation of arts and cultural events spread over 85 different venues throughout Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

21 Jan – 01 Feb 2015

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