“We make places of strangeness so we can facilitate a state of enchantment. This enables us to engage with our desires and fears in the safety of the magical unknown.”

(Loose quote from Kristina Andersen talk, “Making Magic Machines or Practising at the Unknown”, Medea research centre, Sweden, 2012)

Karla Pringle, Where the waves begin, 2019

Karla Pringle lives on Kabi Kabi Country, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. She lives with chronic illness, C-ptsd, and mobility issues.

Her practice centres around the intention of reweaving and re-pairing the rapport between bodies of land and flesh. She works to mend ancestral, colonial and patriarchal violence held in her body and in the land she lives in.

Karla maintains a daily practice of embodied sketching using a combination of sensorimotor mark-making and automatic drawing. Her work is informed by archaeoacoustic studies, biology, environmental philosophy, trauma therapies, sortitus practices, and surrealist traditions.

She uses a wide array of materials, media and methods, which are uniquely determined by her conversations and collaborations with place and its interconnected inhabitants. Forces of nature; currents, patterns, sensory information, sound waves, seismic activity, and our psycho-geographic responses to these systems inform her investigations. By weaving diverse materials through varying replicative devices, and blending ‘mean’ and digital times, she hopes to create a non-normative space/time, and a safe space for ineffable stories to be told. 

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